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Cycling for Sobriety: John Volken Academy Grad Rides Across Canada

FY has had the pleasure of being a sponsor of Mat Fee’s incredible journey after his successful addiction recovery.

Mat, a recent graduated from John Volken Academy (JVA), a therapeutic community that helps people with addiction problems in Surrey, British Columbia, has already begun his ride across Canada on his single gear freestyle bike (BMX bike).

Mat’s journey started in the first week of May on Halifax, and it will be covering over eight provinces in an estimated 167 days; the finish line will be at the Parliament Buildings in Victoria B.C.  The biker counts on people’s support, the assistance of a few sponsors and a small team, which is following him in an RV to also make sure he will finish this challenge in good condition.

The journey has the purpose not only to celebrate his recovery but also to break the world record for the longest BMX bike ride, which currently is 200KM. As well, he hopes to raise awareness about the drugs addiction recovery, the role of JVA, and last but not least to bring hope to those people who have suffered or are still suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

JVA save lives is not a cliche but is a fact, and there are multiple testimonies about this; Matt is one of them and promoting the JVA program is a way to show his thanks? acknowledge Jim Fernandez, President of FY International and member involved to the JVA.

To learn more and follow Matthew in this incredible journey check out:
Or follow on Facebook & Instagram at @cyclingforsobriety

More about John Volken Academy

The John Volken Academy, the addiction recovery program is modeled after the therapeutic community approach to addiction treatment, providing students with healthy lifestyle changes needed to live successful and sober lives, in the long term. The treatment programs are supported by a board of directors and receive consultation from addiction professionals and healthy-living specialists. Combining the therapeutic community approach with professional guidance makes this program extremely effective and truly life-changing.

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