September 25th to 28th | Hilton Alexandria Old Town

Welcome to the Future of
Accounting and Finance

Join us for an immersive experience exploring the latest trends and strategies in accounting and finance. Delve into crucial topics, from global economics to technological advancements, for a comprehensive exploration of the industry’s most pressing issues.

We are excited to announce that this year’s FY International Conference will be held at the Hilton Alexandria Old Town Hotel in Washington, United States!

Early Bird discount is available until May 31st, 2024!

Event Highlights:

We will delve into the most pressing issues and exciting developments in the field of accounting and finance. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the key highlights that await you:

Why Attend?

Gain Insights

Get insights from experts on international tax regulations and ethics in a globalized world.

Explore Innovation

Explore innovative methodologies and tools to enhance accounting quality and efficiency.


Collaborate with professionals worldwide to foster a creative environment for ideas and partnerships.

Event Layout

Optional Tour to Washington D.C.

Wednesday, September 25th: Delve into the epicentre of American politics, culture, and history as you traverse the iconic landmarks and hidden gems that define this dynamic city. Each step unveils a new chapter in the nation’s story, from the stately monuments of the National Mall to the hallowed halls of the Smithsonian museums. Engage with the spirit of democracy as you stand before the Capitol Building, pay tribute at the Lincoln Memorial, and reflect at the poignant Vietnam Veterans Memorial. With expert guides to illuminate every corner, our tour offers a comprehensive exploration of Washington D.C.’s diverse neighbourhoods, iconic attractions, and pivotal landmarks. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, culture connoisseur, or simply seeking to experience the essence of American identity, our tour promises an unforgettable journey through the heart of the nation’s capital.

Wednesday, September 25th

From a captivating optional tour of Washington D.C. for the curious explorers to seamless check-in arrangements for others, the day caters to all preferences. The evening unfolds with a warm Welcome Reception, encouraging networking and camaraderie in a business casual setting. Following this, our opening cocktail ceremony will provide a relaxed atmosphere for further connections and anticipation for the days ahead.

Thursday, September 26th

On the inaugural day of our conference, we are thrilled to ignite the atmosphere with vibrant energy as we delve into the forefront of global accounting practices. To close our first day, join us for a delightful evening of fine dining in Alexandria, as we gather for an evening of great food and even better company.

Friday, September 27th

During the last day of the Conference, we will discuss innovative strategies for expanding accounting services internationally. At the end of the day we get a perfect opportunity to connect and celebrate together at our evening Closing Ceremony and Gala Dinner, followed by a enjoyable night of music and dance.

Saturday, September 28th

Embark on an unforgettable journey through history as you step inside the iconic walls of the White House. Join us as we delve into the heart of American governance, exploring its storied halls, rich with the echoes of past leaders and pivotal moments. 

Tour to The White House

Saturday, September 28th: Embark on an exclusive journey through the heart of American democracy with our tour to The White House. Delve into the rich history and unparalleled significance of this iconic residence, where every room holds a story and every hallway echoes with the footsteps of past leaders. From the grandeur of the East Room to the intimate settings of the Family Quarters, immerse yourself in the ambiance of power, diplomacy, and national heritage. Led by knowledgeable guides, this unforgettable experience offers insights into the presidency, architecture, and the unique role The White House plays in shaping the course of American history. Witness firsthand the living legacy of democracy as you explore the corridors of power, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Hilton Alexandria Old Town


The Hilton Alexandria Old Town Hotel in Virginia offers contemporary luxury with timeless charm. With elegant architecture and warm hospitality, the hotel offers sophisticated accommodation, breathtaking views, dining options, fitness center, indoor pool, and sauna. Whether travelling for business or leisure, the hotel guarantees an unforgettable stay in the heart of historic Alexandria.

Summit's Pricing

1st Participant

$ 2,649
  • Optional Washington tour $ 40.00
  • Each additional participant $ 2,249.00

1st Participant + Spouse

$ 3,079
  • Optional Washington tour $ 80.00
  • Each additional participant $ 2,679.00

1st Participant + Spouse + Child

$ 3,479
  • Optional Washington tour $ 120.00
  • Each additional participant $ 3,079.00

Cancellation Policy

  • Please note that all refund requests must be submitted via email. 

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*Please note that the Bus Tour on Wednesday is identical to the one on Saturday.