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GAP-AUDICON, Welcome to FY!

GAP-AUDICON joined FY in June 2019.

The firms of Grupo de Auditores Publicos (GAP), and Auditores, Consultores y Expertos Independientes (AUDICON) started their activities over 20 years ago as two separate firms of auditors operating in the south of Spain (Andalusia), and in the Northwest of the country (Galicia).

Today, the group has 14 partners and a team of 50 employees in 6 Spanish cities.  Jose Manuel Canovas is the current President of the group of firms and the Managing Partner for the Galicia’s operations, while Jose Antonio Moreno is the managing partner for the offices in Andalusia.

Since their formation, in 1998, their mission has been to provide the highest quality specialized services in the field of Auditing. The firm is considered one of the top 30 in the national ranking. Among the services they provide are Corporate Restructuring, Bankruptcy, Auditing, Consulting, and Advisory Services. They do believe that the above gives them a wide base to assist their clients.

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