Asesoría Contable & Empresarial

Founded on February 8, 1994, Accounting & Business Consulting emerged under the leadership of CEO Victor Einstein Huárniz Castillo. Subsequently, on April 15, 2002, the formal registration of Asesoria Contable & Empresarial SRL took place in Lima, Peru. The company extended its operations to Arequipa and Ucayali, establishing a notable presence.

With a commitment to global collaboration, the firm engages in partnerships with entities in the United States of America, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Brazil, and Chile, operating under a referral modality. At its core, the firm specializes in Accounting Outsourcing and strategic tax planning. Services also encompass Audit, Transfer Pricing, and specialized projects such as inventory management and planning.

Professionals affiliated with the firm form a dedicated team, ensuring the delivery of comprehensive financial services. This collective expertise positions the firm as a trusted ally for businesses navigating the complexities of financial management.


Lima, Peru




Av. Alfredo Benavides 467, Piso 7, Miraflores 15022