Confirm Accountants

The world never stands still and your company is part of it every day. There is therefore an increasing need for reliable financial information. Not only for you as an entrepreneur, but certainly also for stakeholders and other stakeholders. You are looking for a creative sparring partner, your stakeholders in particular want effective assurance. The passionate accountants of Confirm understand this like no other and are always there for you.

The Core Activities of Confirm

Confirm is a cooperative audit firm that focuses entirely on one core activity: the audit or assessment of your accountability. Thanks to this specialization of assurance-only, we are able to guarantee an audit approach at the highest level. And in that approach you as an entrepreneur are central. You have a very important role in the process with actual participation and decision moments. Our independent judgment is always guaranteed.

The Confirm Method

Of course, a Confirm check always meets the highest quality standards. This applies to both an auditor’s report on your financial statements and to any other type of accounting. And we go one step further. Thanks to our advanced risk analysis model, we help you effectively improve your business operations. If you use us, you will always have to deal with a permanent team of experienced people. This way, everyone within the team is aware of everything that is going on within your organization and you always receive clear and practical advice.

Do you also want to engage the Confirm professionals for an audit? Then contact us for additional information. Or make an appointment for a no-obligation meeting.


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