Estelligence Sp. Z. O. O

Est?lligence Sp. z o.o is a leading accounting company in Warsaw that provides professional support and IT tools necessary to increase the effectiveness of businesses and their optimum development. Our team of experts successfully relieves our customers of such mundane tasks as bookkeeping and tax settlement, human resources administration and cost management. We provide our services using cutting edge IT solutions that provide our customers with constant access to accounting and Human Resources data 24 hours/7 days a week. Est?lligence supports its customers in their daily activities by increasing the efficiency of knowledge exchange, conducting analyses or providing assistance in defining market strategy. Our three branches provide services to more than 400 companies throughout the country. The main Estelligence branch based in Warsaw provides services to large, medium and smaller businesses. Estelligence, as a one of the biggest accounting office in Warsaw, ensures professional accounting, human resources and business support for its customers, providing them with a sense of security while they conduct business in the labyrinth of the ever-changing Polish legislation.


Warsaw, Poland


+1 48 22 2 500 550


ul. Ignacego Krasickiego 35 02-611 Warszawa Poland