Feldman & Asociados

Feldman & Asociados was founded in 1999 by Accountant Diego Feldman Samik. With the passage of time, and our continuous efforts to provide a comprehensive professional form of services delivery to our customers, we have incorporated various departments. We started first with an Accounting and Tax Department, then later incorporated the Audit Department followed by the Law Department and its vast specialties. Experience 15 years in the uninterrupted practice of AUDIT AND INTERNAL CONTROL beginning in March 1995. Our experience in this area is formed under 3 years KPMG from March 1995 to March 1998 and 11 years of providing independent services to businesses and national and international consultants, such as Grant Thornton, Praxity (former firm Moores Rowland), both within the major auditing firms worldwide, BKR International, Latin American firm of Certified Public Accountants Audit and KPMG Independent independently. The Chron Diego Feldman was a member of the Audit Committee of the Association of Accountants, Economists and Administrators of Uruguay with participation in 4 years. Hired by Praxity, the address counter holds the Internal Audit Department of the largest private firm in Uruguay (CASMU) firm with over 7,000 staff, over the past 5 years. The Chron Diego Feldman is a member of the list of Expertise in the Supreme Court of Uruguay.



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