Grupo de Auditores Publicos, S.A.P. (GAP)

GRUPO DE AUDITORES PUBLICOS is formed by professional auditors who provide a uniform service with a high added value in the areas of accounts auditing, consultancy, legal advice and liquidation of companies. Experience in management, continuous training and a high degree of commitment to the client are our main distinctive.

In a globalized economy we offer a range of services designed from the experience of our professional auditors in senior business management.

We have a wide network of offices located throughout the national territory. You can find us in Coruna, Almeria, Badajoz, Cadiz, Cordova, Granada, Jaen, Murcia, Madrid, Malaga, Seville, etc.

The consultancy service allows our clients the possibility of achieving the optimization of their resources, as well as reinforcing the main lines of their business. We are dedicated to the implementation of business control and management systems in companies.


Malaga, Spain


952 36 32 00


Calle Plaza de Toros Vieja, 2, 5ºC, 29002 Málaga