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Latin America’s Emerging Economies

On August 7, 2014  FY International (FYI) hosted an exclusive seminar on Latin America?s emerging economies, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, and Peru.

More and more people are hearing about the advantages of taking part in Latin America’s 5 emerging economies. It is no secret that these countries’ economic conditions are progressing towards sustainable long-term developments. Furthermore, the important legal and regulatory changes which are taking place, which not only facilitate regional growth but also global economic growth, provide the confidence needed to boost the performance of our world economy.

We, and our business affiliates and guests, government officials, who attended this event, believe that the Americas can be at the forefront of the world’s economy. Through our international community, particularly our strong ties within the Americas, we can be of service to you in gaining access to these emerging markets.

Topics covered at this event include:

  1. An Economic Overview on Latin America’s 5 Emerging Countries (presented by Government Officials)
  2. An Overview of each of these Countries’ Legislations (presented by FYI Lawyers)
  3. An Overview of each of these Countries’ Tax Treaties (presented by FYI Tax Specialists)

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