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Anthony Ashiotis

Admissions Committee President - European Region

Delivering Global Accounting & Legal Services through a worldwide collaborative members participation.

FY International is a leading group of talented accounting and legal firms cross 28 countries that deliver seamless cross-border audit, accounting, tax, legal and advisory services.

We share perspectives and experiences in a multicultural, cross-country framework to help clients overcome globalization complexity.

Experience the power of Multidisciplinary Multicultural Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Projects

Provide your clients a broader portfolio of technical resources and a wider geographical reach with the assistance of our ally firms.

Creating value
for your clients

Permanent interactions with worldwide multidisciplinary professionals enriches professional perspectives and technical knowledge will increase clients confidence and trust.

Glocal (Global + Local)

Maintain strong client relationships by expanding access to international markets and opportunities.

Grow and extend with our
resources and opportunities




Merge &


Risk Management

Open Talks
opens Endless Paths

We strongly believe in our most valuable attribute: communication power, even though we come from different social, cultural, and professional backgrounds. We bridge our clients’ and partners’ needs, goals, and perspectives through respectful and honest multi-directional conversations. Those talks allow us to open endless paths.

It all started as an adventure
In 1988, we were only three partners with a unified vision to expand our business boundaries. We wanted to accomplish that by learning from diverse working cultures and build a global brand that represented different firms, offering clients more holistic business solutions for a challenging and thriving global environment.
At that time, we embarked on this adventure without knowing how it would turn out. In retrospect, the challenges and successes we experienced in our journey helped us meet and learn from many professionals who entrusted us with their valuable experience.
Today, we are no longer only three partners; we are hundreds of professionals from across the world, who continue to leverage the global network we have built together, so that we can face any challenge and achieve more than ever thought possible.
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September 25th to 28th | Hilton Alexandria Old Town

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Global Conference

We are excited to announce that this year’s FY International Conference will be held in Washington, United States!

Join us for an immersive experience exploring the latest trends and strategies in accounting and finance. Delve into crucial topics, from global economics to technological advancements, for a comprehensive exploration of the industry’s most pressing issues.

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