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Interview Preparation

What to Expect
Put your resume together carefully. Then prepare for the interview: Think ahead to the kinds of questions you’re likely to be asked—probing inquiries about work experiences you’ve had. Or difficult situations you’ve resolved. At this stage of your career, expect tough questions. We may ask you to describe a specific challenge, the steps you took to handle it, and the outcome of your actions. This kind of dialogue gives you the opportunity to demonstrate how your talents, background and experience are right for FYI, and helps us learn more about you.

It’s For You, Too
You’ll also have the opportunity to ask the interviewer and other FYI professionals about the firm’s culture, the responsibilities of the position, or anything you’re curious to know about us.

Being Yourself
Most of all, we want to get to know the real you, so please, be yourself. There’s no one “right” way to conduct an interview. Our people are just trying to get the best information they can from you in the time that you have together.

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