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FY International is an organization of select independent accounting and legal firms with a global focus. Uniquely equipped for international business.

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Collaboration, synergy, growth. Take advantage of FY international’s referral network and give your firm a competitive edge.

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Tax, audit, advisory and legal services. Let us provide your business with the tools you need to succeed in our global economy. We welcome clients of all sizes and industries.

Accounting & Legal Excellence Since 1988.


FY International began with Fernandez and Cabrera, followed by Young. As our accounting practice grew, the firm needed to internationalize itself to continue providing the highest quality services.

We are a consortium of select independant accounting and legal firms with an international focus. We have a strong presence in North America, Central America, South America and Europe. All of our firms are well recognized for professional excellence, ethics and commitment to client success.

Our ability to offer high quality cross-border services for clients of any size while retaining the close working relationships found only with independant firms is what makes us truly unique. This experience cannot be matched by the Big 4.

We specialize in international tax, assurance, advising and legal services to meet any need. Above all, we are problem solvers. We help businesses seize the opportunities of our global economy.

FY provides a network of support and resources that enables our 70+ member firms to pursue larger markets while remaining independant.

Today, we help businesses achieve their goals in over 38 countries.

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