How to Join Us?

The admission process is relatively simple and objective. It ensures that prospective candidates satisfy the set membership requirements and that both the candidate and the Admission Committee meet the organization’s expectations.

  1. To start, we ask you and your partners to familiarize yourself with our organization’s philosophy and decide if it coincides with your firm’s own vision and values;
  2. If in alignment, we would like you to fill the Prospective Ally Inquiry Form and send it to;
  3. Once we collect this form, we will contact you by email to set up a quick interview;
  4. If we foresee a potential good fit, you will be asked to complete the Expression of Interest Questionnaire to commence the Admission Process.
  5. Throughout this process you will receive supporting information, including a fee schedule that outlines admission and annual maintenance fees. Also, we welcome you to submit any other information to support your application. A member of our Admission Committee will contact you to coordinate a formal visit or video conference. At this time, we look forward to meeting all your partners and better acquainting ourselves with your office space and practices;
  6. Finally, the Admission Committee will evaluate all reports pertinent to your application; and if your application is approved, an agreement will be sent to you for your review and signature along with other instructions to complete your admission into FY.