Who are we looking for?

Professional Firms with entrepreneurial qualities are ideal candidates because we encourage our people to contribute creative views, and bring a sense of independence while also, on their own terms, bring a sense of understanding and initiative to act on the potential opportunities that come with a large organization, such as FY.

The following is a list that describes the ideal candidate profile. In certain cases, some elements not shown in this list may compensate deficiencies or the absence of some of the characteristics listed here.


Firm’s Profile:

  • Have prestige and a good reputation in its local market
  • Are members in good standing at their local professional body
  • Have experience dealing with international clientele
  • Have at least 5 years as an active firm
  • Have a minimum of three Partners within the firm
  • Office(s) are centrally located and well presented to receive international clients
  • Have up to date marketing material, such as a corporate website, brochures, and social media networks
  • Have a clear vision and level of commitment such as:
    • Committed to domestic and international expansion of their services
    • Possess a succession plan that ensures continuity of the firm
    • Committed to continue developing both Partners’ and Staff’s technical expertise
    • Committed to high standards of ethics and honouring their agreements


Partners’ Profile:

  • Have high personal values and a good reputation
  • Are open minded individuals with entrepreneurial qualities
  • Are bilingual
  • Firm’s Partners have differentiating specialties
  • Have strong interpersonal skills
  • Have obtained their technical training from larger firms
  • Are active members of their local professional body