Why Join Us?

The excellence of the services we render through our network of firms depends exclusively on the excellence of our professionals; for that reason, we have a rigorous recruiting and admission policy that aims to attract highly qualified and specialized professionals. Our organizational model consists of interoffice cooperation. We believe that our strength lies in the willingness of our partners to expand their client portfolios by sharing resources and expertise. Our pool of resources and our status as an international organization allow us to compete locally more effectively and provide our clients a level of service that would not otherwise be available as a single firm. Our leadership in creating a professional community to provide integral business services is gaining global recognition.

Benefits of Becoming a FY Member:

  • Strengthen your local presence and competitive position over other local firms;
  • Strengthen your corporate image using FY’s unified global brand name;
  • Access FY’s practice management and professional development tools and resources;
  • Gain guidance and support from FY’s Business Development Division;
  • Access technical and technological support;
  • Acquire access to an international community of unified professionals;
  • Access FY’s pool of resources and international corporate clients that may need assistance in your jurisdiction;
  • Gain access to high profile international financial institutions, professional associations, and other centers of influence;
  • Participate at FY’s Summit and Regional Conference (annual international events);
  • Improve recruitment and retention of personnel with advisory support from our Consulting Division;
  • Enhance technical knowledge through participation in our technical sub-committees;
  • Increase exposure of your firm and partners though our website and other promotional tools;
  • Gain succession guidance and support; and,
  • Increase your purchasing power (i.e. economics of scale put to use).



Interested in learning more about how to become a FY Member Firm?
Complete this Form and send it to info@fyinternational.com.