Jim Fernandez

Jaime (Jim) Fernandez is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Board of FY International. He is also the President of


Anthony Ashiotis

Anthony Ashiotis, has experience in many fields including auditing, accounting, taxation, consulting, banking and setting up of companies in Cyprus, in the UAE and in


Arnoldo Iglesias

With over 20 years providing professional services in Auditing and Consulting, Arnoldo Iglesias, partner at Iglesias Mendoza y Asociados, S.C.,is a veteran professional who can


Carlos Castrellon

Carlos Castrellon is a founding partner of Castrellon & Diaz as well as a partner at FYI Member firm Guianalisis. A result of over 10


Diego Feldman

Diego Feldman, Partner at Feldman & Asociados, has over 17 years of experience as an Internal Auditor. Mr. Feldman is a member of the Association


Luis Monzon

Luis Monzon is the Managing Partner at L.A Monzon and Associates. With over 15 years of experience, Mr. Monzon has extensive knowledge in the implementation


Sia Kal

Sia is the Managing Partner of FY USA. He has spent all his career developing business improvement methodologies for Accounting and Law firms. He has