Building Bridges between Italy and the Americas

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FY International is a global professional organization that provides various client-support services in the areas of audit, accounting, consulting, tax, and legal services to an extensive range of business sectors worldwide. One of our strengths lies in creating global connections.

This Thursday, September 24th FY International will be sponsoring a Conference on “Building Bridges between Italy and the Americas” taking place in Rome, Italy – The event Programme.

The presentation will make emphasis to the following topics:

  1. An overview of the current Italian and Americas economic outlook;
  2. Promotion of healthy business activities between these two regions;
  3. Facilitation in the development of strategic alliances and partnerships between entrepreneurial groups to support business development between the two regions; and,
  4. Assistance in increasing traffic of business transactions between the two regions.

At this event we will be welcoming commercial attachés from the Embassies from Canada, USA, and the Latin American countries in Rome; representatives from various offices of FY International; dignitaries from the Italian government related to foreign trade and economic development, and representatives from various international chambers of commerce based in Rome.

We look forward to this event and potentially sharing with you the benefits to come from it.