Enrique Valero Aparicio
Assurance & Audit

Languages Spoken:


More than fifteen years of experience in the professional field of auditing and consulting of companies, currently occupying the position of Audit Partner in the Delegation of Almeria. He is the responsible training of the firm. He works as Insolvency Administrator, with more than five years of experience in this function of management and administration of insolvent companies.

He has extensive experience in accounting, auditing, tax consulting, as well as with groups of companies.

Areas of Expertise:

Auditing & Accounting.
Tax Consulting.
Bankruptcy/ Forensic Diagnosis.
Accounting Groups Skills
Financial Auditing.
Business Strategy.
Bankruptcy/ Forensic.


Economist, Business Administration Degree (Almeria University).

Expert in Account Auditing (Malaga University).

Master in Business Viability in the bankruptcy (Malaga University).