José Antonio Moreno Marin

Assurance & Audit

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Jose Antonio Moreno is partner and CEO of GAP. He has more than fifteen years of experience in the audit field, and a long career as bankruptcy administrator. He has also developed numerous consulting projects, expert procedures, designated, both by part and by list of courts actions, as an economic expert, financial- accounting.

Graduated from Málaga in 2003, with a degree in Business Administration and Management. He has also a degree in Law, since 2018. Jose Antonio also has extensive experience as a instructor, in audit courses and financial-economic aspects, having participated in Masters and expert courses of taught by the University of Malaga, and other business schools.

Areas of Expertise:

Financial Auditing
Public Sector Auditing
Compliance auditing
Business Strategy
Bankruptcy/ Forensic
Expert works (appearance in court)
Due Diligence
Auditing & Accounting
Business Consulting
Bankruptcy/ Forensic Diagnosis
Accounting and Compliance Skills


Economist, Business Administration Degree (Malaga University).

Graduated in Law (Nebrija University).

Expert in Account auditing (Malaga University)

Master in Business Viability in the bankruptcy (Malaga University).

Expert in auditing the public sector (Fundacion FIASEP).

Intensive Program in Business Management (Fundacion San Telmo).