Juan Ferreira Pinho
BOP Chair

Languages Spoken:


Juan Ferreira Pinho’s diverse career includes working in both the public and private sector. He has worked as a strategic business consultant, and as director and president of international industrial, financing and commercial companies throughout South America. In Vancouver, Mr. Ferreira Pinho has spent the last nine years on the Executive Board of FY International, and Chairing the Ethics and Discipline Committee.

His experience in the public sector spans from being the Secretary of Military Affairs of the Republic of Argentina to the Director of YPF (the Argentina state-owned fiscal oil fields company). He has also acted as the Advisor of the Social Assistance Ministry for the Republic of Argentina.

Academically, Mr. Ferreira Pinho taught in the Faculty of Economics in the Buenos Aires University as a professor for the Audit program. He graduated as a Public Accountant from the University of Buenos Aires with specialization in business strategies, having completed related studies in the Institute of Strategy Studies of the University of Belgrano, Argentina.

Mr. Ferreira Pinho has written numerous popular articles related to national and global security, as well as conflict resolution and business strategies. He has also authored several in-depth research reports surrounding work related to the Program of United Nations Development.

Areas of Expertise:

Business Strategy
Public Sector