Paloma Moreno Mar

Assurance & Audit

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Paloma Moreno. More than twenty years of experience in the professional field of audit and business consulting, currently occupying the position of Technical-Partner of Malaga’s Office.

Extensive experience as an audit partner of companies from different sectors, both public and private. Bankruptcy administrator, with participation in about fifty procedures, being the director of the bankruptcy area of Malaga’s office. Paloma has a degree in business administration and management, since 1998. She is also a lawyer, since 2014. She has participated as a teacher in numerous Masters, taught by the University of Malaga.

Areas of Expertise:

Auditing & Accounting.
Business Consulting.
Bankruptcy/ Forensic Diagnosis.
Accounting Skills
Financial Auditing
Business Strategy
Bankruptcy/ Forensic


Economist, Business Administration Degree (Malaga University).

Graduate in Law (Nebrija University).

Expert in Account auditing (Malaga University).

Master in Business Viability in the bankruptcy (Malaga University).