FY International’s mining law specialists provide comprehensive advice to mining companies, such as factors encompassing labor, social, health, tax and administrative issues that may arise during the various stages of mining. We provide counsel regarding financing transactions, listing companies in the Stock Exchange, joint ventures, investment projects, negotiation and execution of the different contracts, as well as project placement, to companies which are in the exploratory phase of a mining project.

Our expertise resides in our ability to provide our clients with timely information to comply with applicable law throughout the different stages of a mining project. We make it imperative that while fulfilling a proposed timeline that a framework of respect for officials and established procedures is strictly adhered to. Our comprehensive attention to all aspects of your mining project’s activities offers investors a climate of legal security and social harmony.

We have a proactive and organized network; therefore, we can assemble a team with ease to provide you with knowledge which extends to various mining-specific activities. Some examples where we can be of assistance include water resource management, property negotiations and acquisition, management of controlled substances and explosives, occupational health and safety, environmental compliance, community relations, and application of tax benefit regimes (which are available in each jurisdiction).