Building a world where we all benefit.


FY International does business differently. Think globally, act locally is engrained in everything we do. As professionals, we are in a unique position to make meaningful impacts for businesses and stakeholders.


Our Mission

To provide professional services and advice that matters by bridging the gap between local and international markets.

Our Vision

To be a world-renowned source for accounting and legal services by helping businesses overcome challenges and seize the opportunities of our global economy.

We Want To Improve Lives

As we climb the world ranking of accounting and law firms, we demonstrate our philosophy that business can be done with consideration for people through cultivating relationships. Our goal is to improve the lives of employees, associates and clients by providing resources and opportunities.

We Pursue Our Clients Trust

Our clients must always be listened to, understood and valued. Whether we are providing greater transparency through an audit or creating value through tax efficiencies, we work hard to empower our clients. Our skills, experience and culture make us problem solvers who invoke confidence in our clients.

We Always Seek The Correct Answers For Our Clients

The perfect approach for one client may be incompatible for another. We listen to our clients, investigate fundamental issues and develop creative solutions. Our deep understanding helps us apply the right tools for each unique challenge. We tackle every project without preconceived ideas or boilerplate solutions.

We See Client Situations from a Global Perspective

Our diversity helps us see things from a unique point of view. Our team has worked in many corners of the world and enjoys connecting with people from all cultures and walks of life. We use our understanding to help our clients overcome cultural and language barriers.

We Are A Story Of Perseverance

Our organization began with a single firm in 1988. Today, we operate in over 38 countries and have over 160 partners. We maintain our entrepreneurial spirit. Our brand is built on self-determination, integrity, teamwork, transparency and commitment to our goals and clients.

Our Firm Is A Means To Transcend

Every firm in our organization demonstrates the highest level of skill, professionalism and global citizenship. We believe in the power of people and their ability to help elevate others. We believe the goal of doing business is for building a better world.

Grow With Us